How to Bring Christmas into Your Home

How to Bring Christmas into Your Home

One of the most beautiful and most anticipated times of the year has arrived – Christmas. Although the shops have been decorated for a long time, most of us start decorating our homes with the beginning of Advent. Since Christmas  is  little over a  month away, it’s time to bring a little Christmas spirit into your home.
If you do not have the time and ideas to design creative decorations, I’m here to inspire you a little and remind you of the charms that this time brings. Here are some interesting ideas on how to decorate your home for the holidays.

1. Start with the Entrance

Welcome guests and family with a spirit of joy and peace by decorating your home’s door in seasonal style. The famous Christmas wreath is native to Europe and often hangs on the door of the house. It symbolizes health and happiness, and its circular shape represents love that never ceases.

If you have enough time and will, you can make your own wreath from cypress, fir, eucalyptus and dried mistletoe leaves, and decorate it with ribbons, cones painted in gold or silver.  However if you’re not so crafty it may be easier to just buy one. The possibilities are endless, and it is up to you to choose. Whether you prefer a traditional red and green style, or prefer a more contemporary take to fit into the aesthetic of your home – that’s down to you.


Maison du Monde: Christmas Wreath
Maison du Monde: Christmas Wreath
Barker and Stonehouse: Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath
nkuku: Tula Wreath

2. A Tree Of Course!

The Christmas tree is the natural centrepiece for Christmas decorating inside the house. It sets the scene for all your other Christmas décor, so it should be the first focus of your efforts. Whether you go for a fake or a real one, finding space for a Christmas Tree in which you can decorate and light up is truly the best way to bring Christmas to your home. Well, where else is Santa going to put your presents?

Are you perhaps one of those who don’t like to have natural Christmas trees in your home? And you want to have a slightly different tree? No problem, I picked a few beautiful trees for you!

Cox and Cox: Frosted Branches Hanging Tree
Cox and Cox: Metal Silhouette Tree
Cox and Cox: Wooden Scandi Tree
Maison du Monde:Black Metal Christmas Tree

3. Christmas Lights & Candles

It wouldn’t be Christmas without candles and lights now – would it? 

One of the most popular types of Christmas decorations are Christmas lights, and for good reason. Christmas lights are a beautiful addition to any home exterior, but are arguably even more delightful when used inside! Christmas lights bring some added twinkle and sparkle and will help to make your entire home look Christmassy. Whether they’re wrapped around the tree, the banister, or lining the windows, Christmas lights will bring a magical explosion of brightness wherever they’re used!

There’s nothing better than the scents of cinnamon, pine, and berries to invoke the festive season in your home. Set these glowing and aromatic candles on your dining table for a more idealistic ambiance. Or you can put them in a place that needs lighting. These candles can serve as art and natural light at the same time. Scattering candles throughout your home helps to bring a sense of cosiness alongside Christmas ambiance and nostalgia.

Red Scented Christmas Glass Jar Candle
Scented Christmas Candle in Printed Glass
Light Up Snowball Curtain

4. Divine Decorations

As well as finding the Christmas ornaments of your dreams, you might also want to consider looking for combinations that complement the rest of the room and help you convey a magical feel… rather than a garish explosion of colours and contrasting styles! There’s no such thing as too many baubles, and there are so many options out there to reflect both your personality and home styling. You can even adorn your tree with edible decorations for fun with the whole family – just make sure there’s something left by Christmas Day.

Given the large selection of Christmas decorations, I will give you some tips on how to easily and best choose decorations for you that match your home décor .

When choosing your new Christmas ornaments, consider the décor of your room, the color of your tree (don’t pick ornaments that are rather similar to it, or they’ll disappear!) and whether you’d rather mirror the color scheme of your room or create a separate one.

  • A good compromise would be to pick your room’s existing accent color and add a second festive hue like red, gold, white, silver or blue!

  • To keep your modern room cohesive, match your existing palette and experiment with tinsel and metal or plastic decorations;

  • If Christmas mainly means tradition and warmth to you, wood will be the best material;
  • For a raw industrial look, stick to metal or dark wood, and pick simple ornaments that aren’t too… well, ornate;
  • Find monochrome decorations and create a maximum of two-color palettes to ensure a clutter-free minimalist feel;
  • A minimalist approach will work in Scandinavian rooms as well, but prioritize wood and natural colors; another idea is to look for figurines that draw inspiration from those countries’ traditions and folklore, such as little tomtes;
  • Ornaments that feature creative geometric shapes will look great in your mid-Century modern room;
  • Pick the most heavily-decorated balls with lots of little bows, ribbons and beads for a shabby chic feel; try and stick to white and light pastel colors;
  • The secret to the perfect bohemian tree is to experiment with unusual patterns and textures, such as fabric or even knitted ornaments.
Mini Baubles - Red Mix
Two Vintage Glass Bauble Garlands
Floral Imprint Decorations
Glittered Planet Shatterproof Baubles

5. Decorate the Holiday Table

The holiday table is a place for family gatherings. At the table we hang out, rejoice and enjoy gastronomic delicacies. But sometimes in the sea of obligations that await us during the holidays – cleaning, roasting turkey, cleaning, and then cleaning again, we do not pay enough attention to the decoration of the holiday table. Don’t let that happen to you again this year. Personalized Christmas decorations should be a part of every table, and green and red colours should not be left out. You can tuck that great cutlery into little red and white socks that you made yourself.
You can wrap the chairs in red material with a white ribbon and they will look like great gifts, and a Christmas table also requires some Christmas arrangement. For smaller tables, choose some minimalist, and for larger more classic arrangements. The use of glass is also becoming more and more fashionable, so place your arrangement in a decorative glass, glass candlestick or plate. This minimalist arrangement will look good on any table, and you will have room for food 🙂

Versailles China plate
Venue glass champagne flute

These are just some of the tips how to bring Christmas spirit into you lovely home.. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you’re creative enough for the holiday home decorating by yourself.
Remember – the most important thing is to spend a nice and quality time with family! 

If you like any of this ideas or even have some of our own that you think I should add, let me know in the comments below!

So, what are you waiting for? Get those Christmassy purchases in now, and you’ll be able to make your home festive without any trouble at all!

What is your favourite Christmas Decoration for your home? Let me know in the comments below!

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