How to Style Your Entrance Hallway

How to Style Your Entrance Hallway

It’s always a good time to switch up the look in your entrance hallway design!

Your entryway is the first thing someone sees when they walk into your home and helps set the tone for the rest of your house. And not only does it create the first impression for guests but it’s also the first place you see when you walk through the door and the last thing you see when you leave the house. All that to say your entryway should be a welcoming sight at the end of a long day! But it should also be functional. There’s no use in a beautiful entryway design if it doesn’t actually serve your needs!

Love the idea of new entry design but not sure how to make it happened? Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Keep reading, and found out the key elements and tips for good entrance hallway design. 

Cox&Cox: Bergen Oak Console Table

The Key Elements

So, what are the key ingredients of any successful entryway? 

Style is an absolutely necessary ingredient in an entryway! This is a space that’s easily neglected when it comes to decorating, but as the first thing both you and guests see when entering your home, it should reflect your style and complement the rest of your home! 

Bench it! Having a place to sit can be super helpful—especially if you have young kids and are still helping them tie their shoes! Some seating options we love in entryways include benches, a stool or two, a dining chair, or even an armchair if you have a larger foyer-type entry to fill.

La Redoute: Hiba Entrance Bench

Storage – Depending on your needs, entryway storage can include a range of things-from wall-mounted cabinets, closet, simple woven baskets or a storage bench to hide clutter. The storage items you choose depend on who lives in your home, what your getting-out-the-door routine looks like, and even what time of year it is!

If your front entry is also the entrance your family uses most often, an entry table is a great addition for style and practicality. Your entry table can house not only a vignette of décor items but also a key bowl to corral small items and empty pockets into. If your entry or foyer is too narrow for a table, consider hanging a long, narrow shelf to give the illusion of a console table. The shelf can serve a similar function to a table, but with a lower profile.

Light It Up ! The right lighting can impact both style and function. Be sure to match your entryway lighting to your style desires and task needs. You can have a chandelier or pendant, a table lamp, a floor lamp, sconces or even a combination of these. A nice ceiling light can always be the answer when you want to impress. For example, a large chandelier can give a dramatic feel to the space, especially when you have a double height entry hall.  

Wow effect – Don’t be afraid to use bold colours and colours in general. Neutrals are great and can be really amazing, but the entry of your house is the perfect area to try something different. Since you will not spend too much time in the room, you will not get bored or overwhelmed. You can even paint a wall red or have a colourful wallpaper with a bold pattern! Nothing is forbidden. Incorporate wallpaper into a hallway design to add texture, colour or pattern to the room. 

Hooks – There are so many wall coat racks and hooks that you can select and change your wall in an instant. Small, large, hidden, sculptural or simple, these can make your wall look like a piece of art without any other space available and without any effort.

Maison du Monde:Golden Metal Coat Rack Set of 3 Wall Hooks Wall Mounted Hooks

Rugs are absolutely necessary in high traffic areas and can make a large impact to the space. Depending on the shape of the room, you can either use runners or round rugs as an awesome accent. (Tip: Prefer indoor/outdoor rugs because they are more durable.) From traditional to modern, from Moroccan kilims to transitional geometric patterns, rugs can make a statement. Sometimes you really don’t even need anything else to decorate!

Décor – It is nice when you get into your house and it feels like home. A favourite item, a written quote, a frame with a family photo or a gallery wall with family photos can make your entrance very personal and homey.

Mirrors are a great choice for entryways because they reflect light and can make a space feel bigger and more open. Mirrors also give you a chance to check your reflection before leaving the house.

A potted plant or vase of flowers adds a natural element to your entry. If you have a lot of natural light, consider a live plant as a way to bring the outdoors inside in this area of transition.

All the above are meant to inspire you and get you motivated to decorate your entryway.

All of these different elements should be chosen to reflect your own individual taste, and to highlight the entrance to your home. Whether rustic or modern, simple or ornate, your front door should set the overall tone for your entryway as well as your home in general. Whether you have a large foyer or a small hallway, the first few steps into your home can be just as important and enjoyable as the the many hours and days spent thereafter.

Mid – century modern entrance hallway is  one of our most popular styles, and it’s easy to see why. It takes a clean-lined and airy approach to entry design elements and adds streamlined designs and smart storage solutions. What you end up with is a space that blends everyday practicality with modern style.

Love the idea of a Mid-Century look for your entry but not sure how to make it work in your space? Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Here is my new SHOP THE LOOK design for entrance hallway in Mid-century  modern style. 

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