Lamps – Great Interior Decoration

Lamps – Great Interior Decoration

Lighting is an indispensable element in decorating – in addition to its practical role, it raises the overall impression, creates the desired atmosphere, hides flaws …

There is no artificial lighting that could completely replace daylight. But artificial lighting since the time of the invention of electricity and the light bulb itself has become an indispensable element in the decoration of any home.

In addition to illuminating the room, lighting can visually increase or decrease the space, but also emphasize certain elements. Lighting greatly affects the mood, work efficiency and ultimately the overall visual impression of the home.

Faye Floor Lamp, Brass and Marble

Proper lighting planning will significantly improve the quality of living and achieve the atmosphere in the space you want. You will achieve the impression of casualness, relaxation and romance if you turn off the main lighting and turn on the floor and (or) table lamps in a warm yellowish tone. It is not just the way of lighting that achieves the desired effect in the interior that makes one lamp unique and different. Whether it is a pendant, a ceiling lamp, a standing or table lamp, its design, material and method of production is what gives it its uniqueness.

From which material you will choose the lamp (metal, wood, glass, plastic, fabric), whether it will be designer, industrial or handmade, with what stand and in what color is a matter of your personal taste. Although mixing different interior design styles is a trend, but if you are not skilled in combining styles, my suggestion is to stylishly adapt the lamp to the rest of style you  have in your home.

Here's how to recreate popular lighting styles for a gorgeously lit home that deserves to be seen.

Industrial Style

Industrial doesn’t just mean pipes and factory-inspired designs, this exciting trend is defined by other elements too. Ropes and chains play a huge part in creating this aesthetic, look for low hanging chain pendant lights that look perfect over a breakfast bar or dining table or choose cage designs for your feature lamps and lampshades. 

Of course, exposed bulbs are incredibly popular at the moment, pairing vintage style with functionality. An exposed lightbulb in a lamp or light fitting will instantly add an edge to your space, look out for specially designed retro bulbs to add even more of a statement. 

Minimalist Style

Minimalist interior design is one that promotes clean, tranquil living through simplicity and thoughtful attention to form. As such, minimalist interiors are often contemporary in style and rely on the minimum essential features to create a harmonious and uncluttered space. One such feature is minimalist lighting, a key component in achieving a minimalist look. Minimalist lighting is all about simplicity and subtlety, with decoration and detail kept to a minimum. Materials are one easy way to do this. Sticking with the minimal basics of metal and glass is a fail safe.  Minimalist lighting isn’t limited to lamps and lampshades: a light bulb can also create a superb minimalist lighting feature without a shade or base.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian interior lighting design has a reputation for being simple, practical and – above all – beautiful. Scandinavian lighting is all about keeping light soft, muted and inviting – something these slatted lightshades are perfectly designed for. Keep it simple and get closer to nature with these beautiful wooden base and white lightshades. In Scandinavian design, you’ll often find that the colour palette is very simple and light. Light blues, greys, yellows and pastel shades are popular, and tend to work well when incorporated with bold flashes of colour. The classic simplicity of  pendant light and its light white finish make it a perfect choice for anyone hoping to channel some Scandi-inspired design into their home.

Rustic / Farmhouse Style

Rustic / Farmhouse light fixtures tend to include distressed and vintage finishes such as antique bronze. Wood materials, and use of rope and concrete are also signature elements of rustic / farmhouse style fixtures. Shades featuring warm and neutral tones make rustic / farmhouse style inviting and versatile.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Brightly polished light fixtures supporting oversized lights are the staples of mid-century modern style lighting. Clean lines emphasise the use of high-quality materials to produce a seamless finish. This emerging lighting trend that combines mid-century style with a modern twist offers a sense of elegance and charm. Incorporating mid-century styling into your interior brings a sense of character to your new space.

Glam Style

Every star needs her spotlight. If you like glitz, gold, and glass, then you’ll love the old razzle dazzle of glam lighting. These sassy fixtures add a trendy sparkle and shine that can’t be ignored.

Bohemian Style

From pendants and sconces to floor lamps and more, bohemian lighting can come in a variety of shapes, colours, and budgets and is pretty much a guaranteed style upgrade. You can always count on an oversized bamboo light fixture to make a boho-style statement in a room and nothing makes a room feel more bohemian that an eye-catching rattan floor lamp. Searching for an affordable way to upgrade an end table boho-style? A table lamp composed of woven material ushers a hint of bohemian spirit onto any surface.

Coastal Style

Find your first mate in coastal lighting. Beachy spaces are already bright and open, so your goal for coastal lighting is to reflect existing natural light like the sun bouncing off incoming waves. The key to coastal style is to keep it simple. The style is light and airy, features natural materials, and praises crisp clean lines.  Coastal interiors use a calming palette with lots of white and light neutral colours.

Traditional Style

For most people, traditional lighting is the polar opposite of the cutting edge designs that dominate most showrooms. Sharp angles, covered in chrome or aluminium plated designs, but nothing says warm, cosy and comfortable more than a traditional table lamp or a beautiful brass-finished ceiling chandelier or pendant. Traditional lighting is just as modern as any other style of lighting, there’s no denying it. From the very traditional brass finished lights and white shades that occupied so many homes, right through to the antique chrome desk lamps of yesteryear which all still look fantastic today.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary light pieces are designed to make a mark. A lot of contemporary lighting fixtures have clean and simple lines to match minimalist décor of homes that are rapidly gaining popularity recently. The streamlined and versatile appearance of pendants and table lamps add elegance to any living space. Also, these contemporary lighting such as ceiling lights, wall sconces and tables lamps featuring metallic elements complement the stainless appliances and fixtures of your home.

Good advice is worth Gold

1. Before you decide to buy a lamp that you like, be sure to check what how it looks like when is turned on, to make sure it will meet your lighting needs.

2. Adjust the design of the lamp to the interior design style. In classic and rustic interiors, avoid lamps made of artificial materials and in bright colors.

3.  Get one striking iconic lamp … This lamp will give the space a strong character and be the main decorative element.

4. You don’t have to have a “deep pocket” to choose effective and tastefully designed lamps. There are many “no name” lamps that look great in space. It is only important to have a good eye and know how to choose the right one.

5. You can find interesting, unique and valuable lamps at affordable prices at antique fairs. 

Lastly, whether it is a table lamp, a wall lamp for a bedroom or a floor lamp for a living room, it is important that they are functional and reflect your artistic taste or the need to create a calm, comfortable or formal atmosphere in your space. 

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