Shoppable Autumn Living room Design

Shoppable Autumn Living room Design

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When the long summer days come to an end, it can be sad to think of colder weather, rain, and dark winter nights. However, we can think of plenty reasons to be excited about autumn and winter. Here are some living room décor ideas to prepare you for the colder months while making your living room ready for autumn and winter this year.

To create an autumn feel, cosy living room colours are a must. For example, this beautiful grey corner sofa from decorated with warm tones like yellow, orange, greens, browns and reds helps brings autumn leaves to mind, and will make the room feel more intimate as the sun goes down, and raise the temperature of your living room and add warmth.

Vento 3 seater sofa

Cosy living room décor doesn’t just mean furniture; it’s also what you add to your cosy sofas and chairs that make all the difference. Sumptuous and soft, velvet is well-suited to cosy autumn interiors. No colour in the spectrum is as warming as the fiery carmines, scarlet’s and crimsons plum red, rich yellow shades such as ocher and mustard, and dark or sage green. Cushions in this amazing colours will add glamour and personality to any scheme. 

If you have a patterned sofa or fabric chair, you may want to try plainer cushions and throws to help balance your interior design. Patterned cushions not only instantly make your sofa look snug, paired with a comfy throw or blanket they create the perfect living room sanctuary.

As these long summer evenings draw to an end, the lighting in your living room will be key to setting the cosy mood in your home. Bringing candlelight into the living room can be a nice touch. If it’s time to refresh accessories, consider metallic designs in yellow gold. Place your candles on tables or shelves to create a festive atmosphere.

H&M Tall metal candlesticks

A great cosy living room ideas is to use incandescent or ‘warm’ light bulbs rather than fluorescent ‘cool’ bulbs (which make rooms seem cooler) to add additional warmth and comfort to your room. The more yellow the light, the cosier your lounge will feel!

And the final touch to the perfect cosy living room is accessories. A deep-pile rug is great to curl your toes into on a cold night, or alternatively a brightly patterned rug will lift the mood of your living room when it’s dark outside.

Dunelm, Plum Naiya Wool Hand Woven Rug

Putting personal possessions in your living room such as books, ornaments, paintings or photos will also make the room feel cosier and more welcoming; a safe refuge from the cold.

This living room design concept is also perfect for a rental property. Just measure your space and be sure the sizes are correct for you and start ordering!

I made a 3D visualization to help you imagine how the living room design will look like. I hope you like it!

If you need some help with redesigning your home, please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you! Let’s bring your ideas to life!

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