Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate the interior of a small bedroom, prepare yourself for fantastic ideas!

With the right layout and smart use of practical pieces of furniture, you can make the most of the space and make it comfortable to work, study, socialize and spend quality time! Take a look at some fantastic suggestions for decorating small bedrooms that are practical and in addition it is very possible to implement them in action. Clever storage ideas for small bedrooms are the key to making your space work. 

1. Fitted Wardrobes

The smartest move you can make is to invest in customised, fitted storage ideas for small bedrooms that efficiently use every nook and cranny in a practical way. A well-fitted wardrobe makes a small room look well-proportioned. With a custom fitted wardrobe built to your room’s exact measurements, you’re never going to have an issue with it fitting initially. And if this fitted wardrobes are with sliding doors you get a winning combination. Sliding wardrobe doors are a subtle, stylish way to create more space in a smaller room

By their very nature, sliding doors are space-efficient and minimalistic. By sliding along the surface of the wardrobe, sliding doors don’t take up any extra space when opened, whereas wardrobe doors that open outwards can leave smaller rooms feeling cramped and claustrophobic. When looking at wardrobes for small rooms, sliding doors instantly give you more space!

2. Buy storage bed

The bed takes up by far the most room in a small bedroom, especially if you have a double or king sized one. So, it makes sense to let a storage bed do the hard work of storing bulky bedding, pillows, and duvets; moreover, if you opt for storing most of your things in the bed, you can keep the rest of your bedroom furniture minimalist and dainty. 

There are a wide range of different styles of storage bed available and it is worth taking the time to reflect upon what will best suit your requirements. Here you can look at a few options and see which one best suits your needs. Charley Ottoman Storage Bed
La Redoute: Upholstered 4 Drawer Storage Bed
La Redoute: Storage Bed with La ReHinged Bed Base

3. Great use of shelving

You don’t need to just look to the floor for extra storage space either. Shelves are versatile storage solutions for when you just can’t afford to use more floor space in your small bedroom. Use shelves for decorative storage or mount them around the tops of your walls for creative storage space that won’t interrupt the layout of the room. Or if you have floor space, maximise your storage by looking to fitted storage solutions that could encompass shelving behind a stylish front frame. 

Think you don’t have room for a bedside table? Think again. You don’t need a cumbersome bedside table taking up a load of precious floor space; instead, why not turn some floating shelves into bedside storage?

Shelves are perfect for smaller rooms that might be limited on their space to fit a regular shelving unit. They come in many different shapes and sizes so no matter how much or little wall space you have, you can find room for a floating shelf or two. 

4. Storage headboard

Your bed is probably the thing taking up the most space in your room. Transform your bed frame into a storage headboard that can hold all your small items.  Store your books somewhere or have a designated place to put the remote. Have easy access to reach your alarm clock in the morning or a place to keep your phone nearby. There are many other benefits that you could have if you invest in a quality headboard storage unit.         

Cuckooland: Vox Spot Bed with Cabinet Headboard
La Redoute:Biface Headboard with Storage
La Redoute: Storage Headboard

5. Maximise unused space

Take full advantage of every area and every inch in your bedroom. It’s the simplest way to maximize space in a tiny bedroom. For example, your bedroom door could operate as a coat rack or provide storage for accessories. Install a hanging rack or a selection of clothing hooks to optimise the space fully. 

There is some small piece of unused space in the room and you don’t know what to do with it? And there is a solution to that. Nice coat stand with some storage and mirror can be useful for storing jewellery, hanging an outfit you’ve just taken off (or will put on first thing) and storing makeup. 

Maison du Monde: Pink Metal and Mirror Coat Stand
Habitat: Bamboo and white lacquer leaning mirror
Cuckooland:Mirror with Coat Hooks

Wall hooks are not only space saving and practical but they look super stylish too.  I’m all for combining beauty with practicality in a home so I wholeheartedly recommend using wall hooks.  Depending on your space, you can use individual hooks which can be dotted around a wall or you can use a long one with lots of pegs to hang stuff off.  They’re handy to hang jewellery, handbags, scarves, mirrors and more.

6. Bedroom storage boxes and baskets

Whether you like a laid back look, are renting or are looking for small bedroom storage ideas in a hurry, baskets are a flexible, affordable option. Ideal for sifting belts from shoes from dirty clothes from scarves and hats, invest in a selection of shapes, sizes and styles. On a larger scale bedroom storage baskets and storage boxes work well under beds and on tops of wardrobes. Veer towards lidded options to minimise dust collection. Hadid Hand Woven Rattan Trunk Set of 3 Rope Baskets
Habitat: Under bed storage trunk

I hope this guide has provided you with some new ideas and inspiration on how to store things in your tiny bedroom.

What idea are you going to try? Are there any storage hacks you currently used that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below.

Now you can maximise your space and create your personal oasis!

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