Tips for Decorating Your Rental Apartment

Tips for Decorating Your Rental Apartment

When you live in a rented property, it can be tricky to make changes to the decoration or décor. After all, you don’t want to do anything that’s likely to cause any damage that will be taken out of your deposit. As a result, it’s tempting to leave the place exactly as you found it and live in a property that doesn’t feel quite yours.

However, there are several things – from a quick lick of paint to buying new accessories – that you can do to personalise and make your rented propery a lot homelier.

1. Give your wall lick of paint

Although you should check with the landlord before whipping out the paintbrushes, don’t be afraid to ask though. Nine times out of ten, the landlord will be completely fine with it.

In this case the best thing is the go with neutral colours. It will make much easier to repaint the wall in origin colour when you move out. Giving the property a quick once over neutral paint not only makes the place look a lot tidier, but also gives any room a clean, spacious and modern feel. Plus, it wipes the slate clean, giving you free reign to add your personality to the room with accessories and décor.

Source : Better Home & Gardens

2. Use stick on wallpaper, paintings or frames

Stick on wallpaper is one of favourite new discoveries. Make a feature wall or wallpaper the whole place; it’s easy to stick up and peals right off when you’re moving out! It’s easy to buy it, and is a really good way to add a personal touch without breaking the bank or losing your deposit.

If there’s already paintings hanging on the wall of your rented property, but they’re not particularly to your taste, feel free to take them down and replace them with things more to your taste. (Make sure you store them safely so you don’t lose any deposit, though.)

You can pick up nice frames that don’t cost very much almost everywhere now. On top of that, there are 1,000s of free prints online to put in the frames. Simply find a design you like, print it off and put it in the frame. Because there’s so much choice, it’s easy to find something that you really like.  Art is an easy way to bring life to a space, and it will definitely make your rental feel more like a home.

Use command hooks for hanging

Drilling holes in the walls can be a sure fire way to lose a deposit, but command hooks provide a very good alternative. They are designed to stick to walls without leaving the mark, and are surprisingly strong. They can be used to hang everything without leaving a trace.

3. Use the Rugs

The chances are, if you’re renting a property, that you’ve got a fairly plain, muted-colour carpet. This is a great way for landlords to make the properties easy to rent, but it’s not so great for tenants looking to make the space their own.

A good rug can break up the room and add a pop of personality – anything from a splash of colour to a pattern can inject a dose of character into a previously forgettable room. Rugs are great investment pieces and make any space look that much more complete. Plus, they’re comfy on your feet and absorb some noise.

Plus – as an added incentive – any spillages will stain the rug and not the carpet, protecting your deposit!

Masali Berber Style Wool Rug

4. Buy new furniture 🙂

You’d be surprised at what a difference furniture can make to a room. Even with plain walls, a stylish sofa, bed or sideboard can make a room seem more personal and stylish.

If your rental apartmen is unfurnished I made  some designs for each room! You can check at the end of this post and see if you like something.  But if your rental apartment already have some furniture– it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with them. As long as you store them safely and in a place where they won’t get damp and damaged, feel free to add your own furniture to a room.

5. Transforme your room with accessories

When you put some throw, cushions and plants, in your room it can make a massive difference to the feel of the room, and to how comfortable and at home you feel in it.

Lorna Velvet Cushion 45 x 45cm

Cushions are a great way to add a touch of colour to a living space, and significantly cheaper than buying new furniture. You could use a bright colour to distract from a plain sofa, while also adding comfort.

It’s no secret that plants are a great way to add a touch of greenery to your home, especially when you’re living in the middle of a city. Not only will they clean up the air, but they make very good, easy and low-cost ornaments. 


I hope that this simple tips and trick will help you to make your living space your own, however big, small, or tiny. There’s no need to spend a fortune.  All these suggestions are temporary, so don’t forget to put everything back as it was before you move out to keep your landlord happy and protect your deposit.

As I promised, here are some design suggestions for each room in the apartment. By clicking on the product you like, you will be directed to a page where you can order the product with one click. This post does contain affiliate links. That just means that I may earn a small commission when you make your purchase at no cost to you.

So I hope you found these ideas helpful to decorate your rental apartment! How have you updated or decorate your rental apartment? Let me know in the comments!

Need some help or advice just cotncat me and I will be happy to help!

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